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Why Meet Matt?

Because Meeting Matters … the way it should!

A premier association and conference management company based in Singapore, Meeting Matters International (Meet Matt) constantly strives to offer customized solutions at the highest professional level since 2002. Meet Matt has served many returning & new clients from the academic, scientific, engineering and technology communities around the globe well mainly because of 3 factors:-

Technology Driven Service Delivery Solutions

The true Meet Matt experience is not just the exceptional logistical management and seamless registration services but the convenience and efficiency of the continuously improving technology driven service delivery solutions created just for the IT savvy organizers & participants of today.

Meet Matt provides the web-based paper management and review system – MightyMICE CPR CAPeRS (Conference Administration Paper and Registration Management) and customizes for each academic conference. The customized MightyMICE tracks and allows simultaneous online reviewing of paper submissions, does paper scheduling and also have e-commerce capabilities to handle online purchases and registration, etc; everything on one convenient portal. (MightyMICE the concept service solutions)

We also have customized conference mobile apps for quick access to up-to-date program and event information onsite.

Value-Enhancing Network of Suppliers

Over the years, we have built strategic relationships with a network of key suppliers who in turn return a value in the customized solutions that you the client would want for your academic conference.

People-Oriented Team Members That Delivers

Our teams comprise of dedicated individuals who strive to deliver with speed and accuracy. They are flexible and always approach their tasks in full consideration of your requirements and budget.